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Afex bags of 20 kg weight

Pret: 5.750 RON

Disponibil in 2-3 zile de la comanda

Pretul include taxa TVA 9% de 9%, pretul nu include cheltuielile de livrare

Afex Technical Data Sheet                                                            





Afexis a combination of phytochemicals which has shown a significant antimicrobial activity against a great variety of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and helminths


Currently, the predominant clinical use of Afex includes diarrhea caused by bacteria and intestinal infections of parasitic origin.


The phytobiotics used in Afex are extracts of plants rich in alkaloids and polyphenolic compounds.





-       Significant decrease insymptoms caused by intestinal pathogens (diarrhea)

-       Drastic reduction of treatments withantibiotics

-       Improve the production parameters thanks to the intestinal pathogens control

-        Does not require veterinary prescription

-        No withdrawal period

-       Stable under granulation conditions

-       Very palatable





-       Essential oils

-       Plant extracts





Incorporate 1 Kg of Afex /ton of feed.





The product is packed in bags of 25 kg. Keep in a cool, dry place; Afex will keep total activity over a period of 12 months at room temperature in the original container.                                              

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